Nicolas Commaret

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  • French School of Osteopathy, ISosteo, Lyon

Osteopath in centre of Copenhagen, educated in France


Life is movement, everything is connected.


Most of the pain, you might experience induce a loss of mobility in your joint or global movement.

My goal is to give you back this movement by any means possible.

My profession taught me not only to look at the pain itself, but to look at the source of the


My range of practice is wide, from headaches to digestive issues or mechanicals complains as
back pain and/or sprain.


In order to help you, I will use all my knowledge as a osteopathic manual practitioner that I
manage to assemble.


Besides helping you embrace a pain free body, I can also help you reaching your goal as an
athlete, by reducing the number of injuries by working on your proprioception or increasing your
stamina by working on your ribs-cage mechanic.


The patient/therapist relationship is very important to me, you can ask me everything in order to
improve your condition.


I want you to be in a safe environment for every session, that is why I will explain to you every
treatment and how our relationship will continue.


Your Osteopath in centre of Copenhagen,

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Nicolas is awaiting his Danish authorization to do Osteopathy, but until then he is doing manual bodywork.

Nicolas is learning Danish, but for now his consultations will be in English (or French if you prefer)

Prior experience

  • Osteopath, Aches Away, Toronto Canada
  • Osteopath, Lyon