Karin Mortensen

Karin Mortensen

Message Karin: karin@fysio360.dk

I excel at

  • Myofasciel release
  • Deep connective tissue treatment
  • Back issues
  • Office related injuries
  • Custom made individual training
  • Sling training
  • Foamrolling classes


  • K-Active module 1 (Kinesiotaping) (2012)
  • Connective tissue treatment / Structural Integration
  • ‘Pelvis’ v/ Linda Thorborg (2014)
  • ‘Neck & Shoulder’ v/ Linda Thorborg (2014)
  • ‘The Spine’ v/ Linda Thorborg (2014)
  • ‘Lower Leg and Feet’ v/ Linda Thorborg (2015)
  • ‘Final Course’ v/ Linda Thorborg (2015)
  • ‘Myofascial Integration of the Leg - Foot, Ankle, Knee and Hip’ v/ Art Riggs, Certified Advanced Rolfer (2015)
  • Jungle Sports Sling Trainer Instructor Level 1 (2015)
  • Instructor i Functional Training of the Brain v/ Plus Performance (2015-2016)
  • 'Balancing the Pelvis' v/ Art Riggs, Certified Advanced Rolfer (2019)

I am an independent physiotherapist with a passion for manual treatment of muscles and connective tissue.

In addition, I am passionate about personal training and developing individual training programs. I have experienced on my own body, how important finding versatile exercises is, through my career as an elite handball player for 18 years.

Likewise, I have learned how useful different types of treatment can be, since I have had a disc herniation myself.

I therefore believe that an injury should not only be treated locally but more globally, so that the body is seen as whole and not treated local.

I work from a philosophy that the body must have free movement, in order to achieve its full potential

Prior experience

  • Physiotherapy, Cortsen fysioterapi (2011 - 2016)
  • Physiotherapy, Bellahøj Idrætsefterskole (2011 - 2013)
  • Professional handball player (1998 - 2013)
  • Goalie trainer, Københavns Idrætsefterskole (2011 - 2012)
  • Handicap helper (2001 - 2004)

I'm inspired by:

  • Thomas Myers - Anatomy Trains
  • Journal of Sports Medicine
  • YouTube